留学生への支援は、在学中だけではなく、卒業後も続けていかなければなりません。つまり、帰国国留学生に対する取り組みは、留学生へのフォローアップの視点からは もちろん、大学の無形財産として、とりわけ海外のネットワーク構築の人的資源という視点からも、とても大事なことです。


Stay connected with Kobe University
Kobe University Homecoming Day was started to help extend relationships formed at Kobe University beyond graduation and to support the network of people and opportunities that make its graduates successful.  We wishe to facilitate its international alumni in the same pursuit.

Focused Activities

1.  神戸大学留学生ホームカミングデイ  
The Kobe University International Student Homecoming Day


Kobe University Homecoming Day is now an annual event usually held around the beginning of the Second Semester.  Homecoming festivities first started in 2002 as a biennial event, and was subsequently held in 2004 and 2006.  


            For those who participated in our party, this bookmark was given as a souvenir 
            in 2007.  Received participation fees are used to plant the 2007 memorial tree 
            in front of Center for International Education.  

2.  卒業留学生のデータベース作成
Organizing a list of international alumni
International Alumni-Netでは、卒業留学生のデータベースの充実に力をいれています。ぜひ近況をお知らせ下さい。お知らせ頂ける場合は、以下の情報の記入をお願い致します。

1. 氏名 2. 学部/学科 3. 卒業年度 4. 指導教官 5. 自宅住所 6. 勤務先住所 
7. E-mailアドレス

送付先:  International Alumni-Net Directory

International Alumni-Net would like to hear from all international alumni.   When writing to the International Alumni-Net, be sure to include any information the alumni wish to convey and include the following: 

1. Name 2. Graduating faculty/school 3. Graduating year 4. Professor’s name 5. Home address 6. Business address 7. E-mail address

Mail to:  International Alumni-Net Directory

3.  卒業留学生による本を集め、展示しています
Collection and exhibition of publications written by Kobe University international alumni

出版物の言語は問いません。本を出版された卒業生はお知らせ下さい。これらの寄贈本を国際教育総合センターの情報資料室(BIRD’s EYE)にて展示しています。

International Alumni-Net is looking for publications written by international alumni either in Japanese, English, or their mother languages.   The Alumni-Net would like the alumni authors to donate their work.  All donated publications will be exhibited at Center for International Education’s Resource Room (BIRD’s EYE).  

You can also view books from Books link.


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The entrance of the Centennial Hall / 百年記念館

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