The following is an explanation of the curriculum. Please check which course applies to you 1.Intensive Japanese Language Course, 2.Integrated Japanese Language Course, 3.Japanese Language-Japanese Studies Course (for Underrgraduate Students), 4.Exchange Students. There is a coordinator for each course so if you have any questions about choosing the curriculum please consult them.

Students who wish to enroll in one of these Japanese courses are required to take the Online Placement Test before the beginning of the term in which they wish to enroll.


Materials placement test

Japanese Language Courses

(1) Integrated Japanese Language Course

Coordinator SANEHIRA Masao・KAWAKAMI Naoe

This is a course aimed for international students enrolled at Kobe University. Every student wanting to take this course must take a Online Placement Test before the beginning of the semester. The date and time of this Test will be displayed in the Center, also on this web page. The level of the course is from elementary to advanced and consists of integrated practical skill-based classes, and technical Japanese classes. This is not a credit awarding course. The practical courses are 'Elementary Japanese I''Elementary Japanese II''Intermediate Japanese I'. These courses are a series of lessons and students are expected to attend class at least twice to three times a week.

The afternoon classes are divided into five levels, i.e. I = elementary, II = upper elementary, III = intermediate, IV = upper intermediate, V = advanced. (Please note 'Reading V' can not be available). Classes will be decided after a Placement Test at the beginning of the semester.

Integrated Japanese students including those needing to take the Japanese Language Proficiency Test or Examination for Japanese University Admission for International Students or students needing an equivalent Japanese course should apply through their academic supervisor after consulting the guidelines for these courses.

(2) Japanese Language-Japanese Studies Course

Coordinator PARK Sooyun
Course for Undergraduate International Students

Advanced classes in Japanese Language-Japanese Studies courses are available for undergraduate students. This course consists of 'Japanese I-IV' and 'Japanese Studies I' in the First and Second Quarter (April to the end of July), and 'Japanese V-VIII' and 'Japanese studies II' in the Third and Fourth Quarter (October to the end of February). They count as 6 credits per year.
The Japanese Language subjects in this Course concentrate on writing, reading, grammar, conversation, listening and other aspects of language pertinent to specialized studies.

(3) Intensive Japanese Language Course



This course is aimed limitedly at MEXT Scholarship Students, Teacher training students, Japan-Korean Technical Students. The morning classes Japanese (A1~A8, B1~B8, C1~C8) are compulsory. Depending on the Placement Test, students will be assigned to classes A~C so for example A Class students must take classes A1 to A8 in the mornings. B Classes B1 to B8 are compulsory. For students taking A, B, C classes, the afternoon classes 'Japanese Studies' (Monday 3rd period) is compulsory. 'Listening', 'Conversation', 'Reading', 'Composition', 'Kanji & Vocabulary' are also compulsory. You can choose any subjects you like but you must take the designated number of subjects.