Kobe University International Students' Symposium (KISS) is a bilingual (English/Japanese) study camp style symposium (1 night, 2 days) aimed to promote intercultural and mutual understanding through free and active discussion.

The idea of KISS is to enrich intercultural and mutual understanding through students gathering on campus at Kobe University, and freely and actively participate in discussions using Japanese and English.
Planning, preparation, and implementation is all done by the student representatives. Since 2012, students have be able to attend a lecture about fostering global leadership, which is available to all university students, with the intention to develop a series of learning processes such as those needed for the planning, preparation and implementation of KISS.

The 2 day symposium consists of discussions, debates and presentations in Japanese and English. Through these, students can enrich their friendships beyond nationality and language.

The 22rd Kobe University International Student Exchange Symposium

The 24th Kobe University International Student Exchange Symposium

Date and time Saturday, December 15th - Sunday, December 16th, 2018
Place Osaka Hotel Lodge Maishima
Capacity 50 people
Entry fee 1000 yen *Payment upon application
Application International Exchange Division, 2F, Center for International Education
Inquiry kiss22symp@gmail.com
*A half space has been inserted in the e-mail address section as a countermeasure for spam (before ac.jp etc.). Please correct the e-mail address as necessary.
Application deadline 2018/12/4(Tue)

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