The Kobe University International Student Assistance Fund
CIE - Kobe University Center for International Education

The Global Education Center (Center for International Education, April 2016 - March 2022, International Student Center, April 1993 - March 2016) was established as a university wide research/teaching facility in April 1993. The Center takes overall responsibility for international students, including providing teaching in Japanese language, Japanese studies, advising on studying and living in Japan, internships career advising, and alumni networking. We are also carrying out research and development aimed at promoting international study exchange programs such as providing support for overseas study for Japanese students registered at Kobe University. In addition, the Center is actively promoting the support of Japanese language teaching, and international exchange programs in the local community, working with regional government agencies, local volunteer organizations, schools, companies etc.

CIE - Kobe University Center for Internatinal Education -





Pick Up

The Kobe University Center for International Education has changed to the Global Education Center and a new 'Study Abroad Section' will be established to oversee the despatch of domestic students overseas.