Japanese Language Classes offered by the Global Education Center

Kobe University offers a variety of Japanese language classes to support the study and daily life of international students at Kobe University. The Global Education Center offers a wide range of classes for different levels and content that take into account the diverse needs of our international students. Every international student accepted to study at Kobe University is eligible to take Japanese classes, without the need for any extra fees (other than for textbooks).

Whilst credits are given for some of the Japanese classes offered, grades are given for all classes for which students register. (Postgraduate students cannot register for classes that are provided for undergraduate students, and research students cannot register for any types of classes. In either case they can audit these classes.)
*Exchange students need to check with their home university whether or not the grades given for classes can be converted into credits.

To the prospective exchange students to Kobe University

Outline of the Japanese classes


We provide classes for 5 levels, beginners (introductory), upper beginners, intermediate, upper intermediate, advanced. We strongly recommend that you take an online level test so that you are able to choose classes that meet your level. Please refer to the table that shows which of our classes correspond to the online level test score.

GEC Japanese Learning Program

Types of Classes

The following 3 types of classes are available. The conditions for registering for classes, whether or not they bear credits from Kobe University, and the way of applying for classes, depends on the type of classes being taken. You can register for a combination of classes, made up from the different types. Please refer to the details of each type of class.

A. Classes available on the Integrated Japanese language course
B. Classes available on the Japanese language and Japanese Studies course

Timetable of classes by course(PDF, 20240305 uploaded)

C. Classes available on the Intensive Japanese language course

Timetable of classes by course(PDF, 20240305 uploaded) 

All Syllabus

Syllabus (University Online Syllabus, Link)

A. Classes available on the Integrated Japanese language course

Any international students at either undergraduate or postgraduate level (including exchange students) registered at Kobe University is eligible to register for Japanese language classes. (Kobe University will not give credits for these classes). There are classes from Beginners to Advanced levels. Please register for courses that suit your individual level and needs.

■From Beginners to Upper Intermediate Levels

We offer the following classes for each level. Unless otherwise stated, all classes are available once a week for each of our 4 quarters.

  • Classes based on learning basic vocabulary and grammar: there are 4 classes per week at each level (it is possible to take as few as one class per week)
    *Introductory classes are only offered in Quarter1 and Beginners classes in Quarters 3 and 4.
  • *Introductory classes are only offered in Quarter1 and Beginners classes in Quarters 3 and 4.
    *Beginners classes for 'Listening & Conversation' and 'Reading & Composition' are combined classes working on both skills.
  • Classes for learning about Japanese culture (Combined class from Beginners to Intermediate)
  • Classes for preparing for JLPT examinations: N1 preparatory classes (Upper Intermediate) Q1~Q3, N2 preparatory classes (Intermediate) Q3.
■Advanced Level

There are 3 classes at the advanced level. For other advanced level classes please refer to 'B. Classes for Japanese Language and Japanese Culture'.

  • Class for conversation
  • Class for discussing Intercultural communication
  • Class for learning Business Japanese

B. Classes available on the Japanese Language and Japanese Studies course

Only undergraduate students (including exchange students) can enroll for these courses, for which Kobe University will issue credits. These classes are all at advanced level. They are available once a week each quarter.

  • Skill-based classes in 'Composition', 'Grammar', 'Listening & Conversation' and 'Reading'
  • Japanese Studies

C. Classes available on the Intensive Japanese language course

This is a course intended for international students who need intensive training in Japanese, in order to carry out studies and research using Japanese language. We offer courses at beginners through to advanced level, depending on the classes, they are held for either 8 or 10 periods a week.
This course is based on a semester system (15 weeks) and students are required to attend class every day. Also, due to the limitation on class size students must apply in advance. In the selection process, students with a MEXT scholarship will be given preference.
Students wishing to take this course must read the guidelines thoroughly (LINK), and after consulting with their supervisor, and him/her to apply via e-mail by the required date. (Exchange students should check with their faculty about their supervisor.)

*The deadline for applying for the 2024 courses is 12:00 am 4h of April 2024 (1st Semester). (20240305)