-Discover Japan-Australia つながり in Kobe!-

The Kobe Japanese Program (KJP) is designed for undergraduate or graduate students with upper elementary Japanese language skills, providing opportunities to study Japanese language and society focusing on the Kobe area and links with Australia. Students will learn to express themselves in Japanese about their field trip experiences and other activities.

pamphlet Program Brochure / Schedule (PDF) 


8th - 29th January, 2020 (3 weeks)


20 students


□ Students enrolled in partner universities in Australia

 List of Kobe University partner universities

□ Students with upper elementary level of Japanese who just finished Genki 1 level.

Program Contents & Hours

1. Japanese Language (36 contact hours)

 24 classes (1.5 hours each) of upper elementary level Japanese

2. Japanese Studies (12 contact hours)

 8 classes (1.5 hours each) of area study focusing on studies of Kobe in relation with Australia

3. Field Study (6 contact hours)

4. Other activities

Program Schedule

Daily Schedule

Assessment Criteria

Transcript/ Certificate

Check out our Program Brochure (PDF).


163,000 JPY-177,000 JPY / ≃2,150-2,300 AUD

→Fees Include:

Tuition (100,000 JPY)

Accommodation & Meals (63,000-77,000 JPY)

Course material

Cultural and social activities

Scholarship Opportunity


<50,000 JPY>

Kobe University is delighted to support partner students with a grant of 50,000 JPY each from the "Kobe University Fund."

*Students receiving other scholarships are not eligible.


<80,000 JPY>

There is a scholarship opportunity from Hyogo prefecture for students studying in the sister state, Western Australia. Students from UWA and Curtin are encouraged to apply by 20 September. Ask for application documents.


Participants can select from 4 types of off-campus student housings located in the Kobe area.

Housing Information (PDF) 

Prices include meals (breakfast and dinner) on weekdays and Saturdays. Please apply in the application form with the order of


How to apply

Application Deadline

Friday, 20 September 2019

Application Documents

Please send the following application documents by email.

1. Application form (PDF)

2. Written Oath (PDF)

3. Copy of Passport and your student ID card

Enquiries/ Apply to

Kobe University Center for International Education

Tel: +81-78-803-5265 Fax: +81-78-803-5289

E-mail: cie-winter@edu.kobe-u.ac.jp

Important Dates

Application period begins

1 Aug, 2019

Application deadline

20 Sep, 2019

Offer of acceptance

Late September, 2019

Arrival Date

6-7 Jan, 2020

Housing check-in

6-7 Jan, 2020

Payment Due

8 Jan, 2020

Program starts

8 Jan, 2020

Program ends

29 Jan, 2020

Housing check-out

can stay until 4-5 Feb, 2020 (up to 1 month)


Kobe University Center for International Education

Tel: +81-78-803-5265 Fax: +81-78-803-5289

E-mail: cie-winter@edu.kobe-u.ac.jp