Message from the section head

Welcome to KOBE.

Kobe University Global Education Center 'GEC', provides support and advice to both international students at Kobe University and Japanese students who wish to study abroad. Kobe is a beautiful and high-tech port city, located between the sea on one side and mountains on the other, with a long tradition as a gateway to the world.
It is my great pleasure to share this time to work together at this leading edge University, located in the hills of Kobe, amongst a beautiful landscape.
The GEC's mission is to support your time in Kobe so that you have a rich and fruitful experience, with all the staff trying their utmost to create the optimum environment for your life and studies here.

You may be faced with problems and encounter some situations that cause you anxiety, perhaps because of language problems or cultural differences. These can seem to be small issues to begin with, and people around you may not notice these, but they can turn into bigger problems if left unattended.
In most cases, these issues can be solved through the support of your faculty members and friends, but in some cases there may be a need for expert assistance, and this is where we can help you.
The staff of GEC have a wealth of experience to provide back-up and support for your daily life, which will enable you to concentrate on your primary objective: to study and research at Kobe University. We wish you a fruitful and fulfilling experience here in Kobe.

Section Head, International Student Section, Kobe University Global Education Center


The International Student Education Section, in the Center for International Education, is made up of three units; Japanese Language Education, Promotion for Student Exchange, Advising and Counselling. There are 8 faculty members in the section.

As of 2018, the main activities of the section are as follows:

Kobe University International Student Center

1.Japanese language education

Japanese language education for all international students at Kobe University.

Education for international students who receive a scholarship from the Japanese government, under the programs operated by MEXT.

  • Intensive Japanese courses for MEXT scholarship students
  • Intensive Japanese courses for teacher trainee students
  • Intensive Japanese courses for Japanese-Korean Joint Scholarship Program for Science and Engineering Program
  • Japanese education for Japanese Studies program students

Conducting a summer program in Japanese language and culture.

2.Study support for International Students

Advising on study, adapting to cross-cultural issues, harassment

Planning and implementation of orientation programs for all international students

3.Support for career develop of International Students (*In collaboration with the Career Center)

Holding career seminars

Holding career forums with Japanese companies

4.Support for study abroad programs for all students at Kobe University

Advising on general issues related to study abroad

Holding study abroad seminars

5.Building an international network of alumni

Establishment and coordination of overseas alumni organizations

Follow-up of graduated International Students

Holding a yearly International Students Homecoming Day

6.Teaching and supervision in the Graduate School of Letters and Graduate School of Intercultural Studies

7.Offering classes in College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

Liberal Education

  • Introductory Seminar for Promoting Global Leadership
  • Current Issues I Japanese Communication for Multicultural Society

8.Offering classes in the Faculty of Global Human Sciences

  • Seminar on Japanese Language and Culture

9.Contracted programs

Global Nada Village Project (Commissioned by the Japan Student Services Organization


Research on Japanese language education and local communities

Research on international education and education for International Students