The GEC International Student Education Division offers Japanese language courses to all international students affiliated with Kobe University. (Credits are given only for the Japanese language course as a second foreign language course: "Japanese Language and Japanese Studies Course"). You can check the courses offered and the syllabus from the "Timetable" below. Click on the subject name on the timetable to see the syllabus. *Please check the leaflet for the types of classes or courses.
 ・Timetable for 'Integrated Japanese Language Classes' and 'Japanese Language and Japanese Studies classes' [PDF]
 ・Timetable for 'Intensive Japanese Language Courses' [PDF]

How to take Japanese classes
Please check the instructions of the GEC Japanese Language Program leaflet below for information on taking the GEC Japanese language courses this semester.
 ・GEC Japanese Language Program leaflet [PDF]
  【Contents of the leaflet】
   1.Types of Japanese Language Classes
   2.The process for applying to take Japanese Language Classes
   3.Consultation on registering for courses
   4.Things to check before taking classes
   5.How to register for classes
   6.Notes for taking classes
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>Online Placement Test(GEC-JTest
  >The application form for the intensive Japanese Language Course [EXCEL]
  >URIBO-Portal: Access to the Academic Affairs Information System&LMS 'BEEF'(URIBO-Portal
  >Activation of KU Account and Logging in to LMS BEEF+(How to take GEC Japanese Classes)(YouTube
  >Access to 'BEEF+ Venture'(BEEF+ Venture
  >Rules to follow when Classes (including Final Exams) are Cancelled due to
   Suspension of Public Transportation and/or Weather Warnings [PDF]
   In the following cases, all classes and examinations will be cancelled.
   For more detailed information please click on the {link}.
    1. Suspension of public transport services.
    2. In the event that weather warnings (strong winds, heavy snowfall, snowstorms) are issued.
    3. In the event that 'Evacuation Instruction' and 'Emergency Safety Measures' warnings have been issued.
    ※ NB: For 1. 'Suspension of public transport services' the conditions for holding classes vary depending on the department.
      For classes held at GEC, please refer to '<1> Classes held in the Rokkodai Area'.

Make-up examinations
Rules for Make-up Examinations
  >Application Form for Make-up Examinations

Study at Kobe University
・Admission to Kobe University(Study in Kobe>Admission
  > Exchange program(Study in Kobe>Admission>Exchange programs
   ※ Kobe Japanese Program for Exchange Students [PDF]
 ・Japanese Government (Monbukagakusho) Scholarship program(JASSO Study In Japan
  > Japanese studies program [Course guide of Kobe University]
  > Teacher training program [Introduction of Kobe University]
 ・KJP Short-term Programs
  > Summer Program Pamphlet [PDF]
  > Winter Program Pamphlet [PDF]