Kobe University is over 116 years old and is one of the largest multi-faculty national universities in Japan. Kobe City is no.1 quality of living city in Japan, no.49 in the world. (MERCER's Quality of Living Survey, March 13th, 2019. https://www.mercer.us/newsroom/mercer-2019-quality-of-living-survey-san-francisco-ranks-highest-amongst-us-cites.html )

Reflecting the international atmosphere of the city of Kobe, we continue to develop international links with universities worldwide in a range of subjects. We have around 16,000 students at undergraduate and post graduate level in our 10 faculties and 15 graduate schools. The number of international students on campus is around 1,200 as of May, 2018.

Kobe University Center for International Education was established in April 1993 as a cross-faculty facility, with the aim of carrying out activities related to the teaching of Japanese language and culture, student counseling on daily issues, and promotion of student exchange.

Following on from the success of our summer intensive program last year, we will implement the 17th Summer Program in Japanese Language and Culture that will be 10 days in duration, aimed at students who are studying Japanese at overseas universities with which we have academic agreements.

Summer Program in Japanese Language and Culture 2019 (Last updated: Wednesday, May 22nd, 2019)


Tuesday, July 9th - Friday, July 19th, 2019

Number of Participants 30 students
Eligible Students Undergraduate students who are registered at a university with which we have an academic exchange agreement, and have upper intermediate level of Japanese language proficiency.
Students at upper elementary level (who just finished the first volume of the textbooks for elementary level, e.g. /Minna-no Nihongo/ Elementary 1, /Genki/ 1, etc.) can also apply for this program. Assistance will be given to them.

List of Kobe University's partner institutions (Link)

1.Upper intermediate level Japanese language (totalling 36 hours)

  • Focus on current issues in Japan (education, society, language etc.)
  • Increase proficiency in using Japanese language by providing opportunities to use Japanese in real situations, covering the four skills of reading, writing, listening and speaking.

2.Excursion to cultural sites in Japan

3.Exchange activities with Kobe University students

4.Task based assignments

Program Participation Fees

30,000 JPY

  • Program participation fee 30,000 JPY will cover the part of the accommodation fees. Kobe University will bear the rest of accommodation fees, costs related to class tuition fees and learning materials.
  • Participants will be responsible for travel expenses to/from Japan, daily living expenses (food and travel) and purchase of overseas travel insurance (illness, injury and indemnity).

The following are the required application documents. Please submit through your home university or apply directly to CIE, Kobe University by Email.

  1. Application Form (with photo)
  2. Written oath
  3. Letter of recommendation from your university
  4. Copy of passport
Deadline Monday, June 10th, 2019
Enquiries/Apply to Kobe University Center for International Education
Tel: +81-78-803-5265 Fax: +81-78-803-5289
E-mail: cie-summer@edu.kobe-u.ac.jp

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