The Kobe University Summer Program in Japanese Language & Culture (Summer Program) is an intensive 10-day course for students studying Japanese at Universities sharing academic partnerships with Kobe University. The 2023 session will be held in-class.

 This program focusses on engaging students' Reading, Listening, Writing & Speaking skills through studying current issues in Japan, aiming to raise overall Japanese ability, as well as deepening understanding today's Japanese society. It particularly aims to strengthen the speaking ability of students at Upper Intermediate level. Through classes and interaction with Japanese people, we hope to provide an experience as close to studying in Japan as possible. We welcome all students to apply--especially those who planned to study abroad if not for COVID-19.

pamphlet Program Leaflet / Schedule (PDF) 

Summer Program in Japanese Language and Culture 2023 (Uploaded: March 9th, 2023)


July 4th - 14th, 2023


About 20 students


● Students who are registered at an overseas university with which we have an academic exchange agreement

●Level: Upper Intermediate (JLPT N2 or CEFR B2 equivalent*)


Program Contents & Hours

1. Japanese language (30 hours)

a. Lectures: Students will learn about current issues in Japan such as education, society & culture from various learning materials.

b. Tutorials: Students will converse with Kobe University students to consolidate their understanding and apply language skills.

2. Area Studies (4 hours)

3. Final Presentation (2 hours)

Total 36 hours


30,000 JPY

How to apply
To apply, send a complete Application form to Kobe University Global Education Center (See "Enquiries" for contact).

Application Deadline

Monday, April 24th, 2023 Monday, May 8th, 2023

Application form(PDF)

Important Dates

Application deadline

April 24, 2023 May 8th, 2023

Acceptance announcement

May 15, 2023

Program starts

July 4, 2023

Program ends

July 14, 2023

Kobe University Global Education Center
Tel: +81-78-803-5265 Fax: +81-78-803-5289
E-mail: cie-summer{AT} ※Please change [AT] to @.

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Kobe University Summer Program 2017 ~10 Days in Kobe 2017/07/24

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