Classes available on the Integrated Japanese language course

Any international students at either undergraduate or postgraduate level (including exchange students) registered at Kobe University is eligible to register for Japanese language classes. (Kobe University will not give credits for these classes). There are classes from Beginners to Advanced levels. Please register for courses that suit your individual level and needs.

From Beginners to Upper Intermediate Levels

We offer the following classes for each level. Unless otherwise stated, all classes are available once a week for each of our 4 quarters.

  • Classes based on learning basic vocabulary and grammar: there are 4 classes per week at each level (it is possible to take as few as one class per week)
    *Introductory classes are only offered in Quarter1 and Beginners classes in Quarters 3 and 4.
  • Skill based classes 'Listening', Speaking', 'Reading', 'Writing' and 'Kanji/Vocabulary'.
    *Beginners classes for 'Listening & Speaking', and 'Reading & Writing' are combined classes working on both skills.
  • Classes for learning about Japanese culture (Combined class from Beginners to Intermediate)
  • Classes for preparing for JLPT examinations: N1 preparatory classes (Upper Intermediate) Q1~Q3, N2 preparatory classes (Intermediate) Q3.

Advanced Level

There are 3 classes at the advanced level. For other advanced level classes please refer to 'B. Classes for Japanese Language and Japanese Culture'.

  • Class for speaking
  • Class for discussing Intercultural communication
  • Class for learning Business Japanese (*Not available in 3rd Quarter of 2018)

Timetable is here