Classes available on the Intensive Japanese language course

This is a course intended for international students who need intensive training in Japanese, in order to carry out studies and research using Japanese language. We offer courses at beginners through to advanced level, depending on the classes, they are held for either 8 or 10 periods a week.
This course is based on a semester system (15 weeks) and students are required to attend class every day. Also, due to the limitation on class size students must apply in advance. In the selection process, students with a MEXT scholarship will be given preference.

Students wishing to take this course

Students wishing to take this course must read the guidelines thoroughly, and after consulting with their supervisor, and him/her to apply via e-mail by the required date. (Exchange students should check with their faculty about their supervisor.)

How to apply

*The deadline for applying for the 2020 courses is 7 15 28th of April 2020 (1st Semester, 20200326-20200423 updated) and 5th of October 2020 (2nd Semester).

Timetable is here