2016 Kobe University Global Career Seminar


  1. 10-11-Tue-2016 『Job search start guidance for international students
  2. 10-25-Tue-2016『ES · How to recommend industry / company research for interview
  3. 11-8-Tue-2016 『ES · How to proceed with self-analysis for interview
  4. 11-22-Tue-2016 『Selection examination measures (resume · entry sheet measures)
  5. 12-6-Tue-2016 『Kobe University graduate international student OB · OG experience story
  6. 12-20-Tue-2016『Experience talks by prospective consultants
  7. 1-10-Tue-2017 『Countermeasures for interview 1 (basics of interview · attitude)
  8. 1-24-Tue-2017『Interview countermeasure 2 (kind and practice of interview)

time: 17:00-18:30
place: Bird's Eye, 2F, Center for International Education, Kobe University Centennial Hall

Kobe University HP 2016 Kobe University Global Career Seminar