Updates Japanese Language Classes /Set up & prepare for online lectures

All CIE Japanese Language Classes for the 1st quarter will begin on May 7, and will be conducted online through the internet.

【Update on April 7】
1) In anticipation of taking your classes online, please prepare an appropriate learning environment.
  Please prepare a device capable of connecting to the internet such as computers, tablets,
  smartphones, etc.
 ・Internet Connection
  Please secure and connect to an internet connection off campus. For example, for a class with
  1 period, you will use about 500 MB - 1GB or more. If you use an internet data plan which charges
  you based on how much data you used (volume-based billing), be careful as your bill may become
  very expensive. We recommend using unlimited data plans.

【Updated on April 21】
2)Read the following "Information for Students (PDF)" carefully, and prepare for CIE Japanese Language Classes
 1) Prepare: Access University networks (URIBO-Net, BEEF, BEEF Venture)
 2) Decide on classes to take and check the online class information (it will be updated on
   May 3 on BEEF Venture) of the classes you want to take.
 3) Class registration
 4) Check the further class information/materials at BEEF

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